• Quoins Vineyard, Bradford on Avon
  • Baronnet cheese from The Old Cheese Room
  • Courgette and pattypan squash from Bradford on Avon Community Agriculture

Welcome to the Local Food site for the Bradford on Avon area.

This site has been created to help residents and visitors find the best of local food and drink in and around Bradford on Avon, whether wishing to dine out or eat at home. The directory lists outlets that offer local food. The website complements the large printed maps that are already on display in various locations.

To help those wishing to offer local food and drink there is also the annual food fair which aims to help producers to find outlets and outlets to find producers.  A Local Larder: Bradford on Avon & Beyond returns in 2015 will be held in St Margarets Hall on Monday 16th March. The event invites local producers to exhibit their wares and is open to trade buyers in the afternoon and the public in the early evening.

The directory also enables outlet businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors to increase their offering of local food and drink by allowing them to easily identify producers in the area. If you are a producer or an outlet of local food or drink please use the directory sign-up form in order to be listed on future editions of the printed map as well as on this website.

Buying from local producers and the outlets that stock their products helps support local business, in town and country, as well as ensuring you get delicious, traceable food at its freshest. Reducing the distance from field to fork can contribute to a lower carbon footprint and increase food security, whilst adding to the unique character of the area. In the Bradford on Avon area there is increasing availability of wonderful local food and drink produced by farmers and producers passionate about the quality and integrity of their goods.

BoA Local Food Map